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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


First of all, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to everyone!

That's right, it's possible. I am a prime example of how life matter's. Now granted I'm still not sure how everything will turn out and/or work out, but one thing I do know is "I'm not where I was just a few days ago", as I've gone from being Dead_Inside to being a Hopeful-Soul. Welcome to my very first blog of "Life Matter's". I hope to share my opinions, insight, encouragement, ideas, information and anything that matters in one's life. To me what matters is having a contented or successful life...whatever that may be or could mean to an individual. We each have different expectations and joy we take from life. But one thing is for certain, we all need to have love and acceptable quality of life with peace and contentment, and those things involve a great deal of humanity (compassion, support, acceptance, assistance, caring, modesty, love, and many more words I could mention). So what I hope and plan to do in my future blogging is to bring a particular "Life Matter" each day, along with some personal journaling of my own.

Thanks to many of the great people over at have been so gracious to me with their time, patience, efforts, encouragement and helpful links they provided. So okay, they didn't give tons of money like I thought was going to happen. No instead, they are giving me HOPE, and along with hope, support, ideas, encouragement and more. No it's not money, BUT it is doing me great good. So any other's out there feeling down and/or hopeless, I strongly encourage you not only visit, but stick around'll surprise yourself, and learn so much. So again, I thank all of you for that & you know who you all are! I am certianly going to stick around for more encouragement and tips, but also to help offer any support I can for others, whether just to share stories, ideas or prayer, but nonetheless I'll be there. I hope you all ENJOY!!!

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