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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mae Minerals 10 Small Samples of your choice only $12

Mae Minerals 10 Small Samples of your choice only $12 Choose shade selections during checkout. A $20 value!

Why Mae Minerals™?

 When you get down to it, there are a lot of small mineral makeup companies whose products contain the exact same ingredients as the ones in our products.

So what makes Mae Minerals™ the better choice?

Most of our minerals are formulated using our own recipes that we've developed over the last 5 years. The rest are custom blended using bases from several reputable suppliers. All of our shades are unique to Mae Minerals™ and we are constantly adding new shades.

Mae Minerals™ is 100% natural mineral makeup. Mae Minerals™ does not use fillers such as Bismuth Oxychloride (see ingredients) or other ingredients such as dyes and carmine (crushed beetles-eww!).

We offer very affordable prices, superior customer service and fast shipping.

Inexpensive mineral makeup samples are available to try and we also have great Monthly Specials to help save you money.

Free samples included in every order.

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