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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 Things that are Refreshing for your Life

Sometimes we are just bored and need to be refreshed.  Other times we need to examine our life and to reflect.  We may need a new sense of direction and purpose.  What ever your reason I have listed 5 Things that are Refreshing for whatever your purpose may be. 

Focus on things that matter.  You may have a tendacy to want to do it all.  To obsess about getting things done and going overboard.  What you need to do is just focus on the things that really matter and stop stressing so much about the things that don't.

Bring simplicity to your life.  Are you living for today?  Are you living in the moment or are you stressing out over your next project or appointment?  Sometimes it's not about the end result of the project but rather the process of getting there.  Don't take things for granted live for today, live in the moment.  Declutter your life.

Take time for meditation and relaxation.  Take time out for meditation and relaxation, even if it's only 10 minutes a day.  Take the time to relax and just be.  Do nothing and think about nothing.

Be grateful.  Count your blessings, again be in the moment and appreciate each moment for what it is.
Make time for what you love because you never know if you will be here tomorrow.

Start a Journal.  Write down your ideas, dreams and wishes.  Just write your inner most thoughts.  Get them down on paper.  Journaling provides creativity, reflection, more solid memories, self examination and spirituality. 

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