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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping Made Easy

Plan - Plan your trips to the grocery store. Grocery shopping can be time consuming, so planning is very important. Plan a budget, sort your coupons (if you have any), see what's on sale, what do you need to buy, etc.

Make a list - There's nothing worse than having to make several trips to the grocery store because you forgot something. Also, there's less chance of impulse buying. Make a list best you can by isles. Front to back or back to front which ever is easiest and however your store is set up.

Keep a running total - As you shop add each item by rounding off to the nearest dollar such as $2.89 to $3.00. It's much easier to add that way. This also allows you to stay within your budget.

Don't shop during peak times - Peak times at the grocery store are between 5pm and 7pm Monday thru Saturday. Shop around those hours for quicker, more efficient and less stressful shopping.

Shop alone - Shopping alone allows for less distractions and more efficient shopping allowing you to get out of the store much quicker.

1 comment:

Tink said...

Your suggestion to shop alone is true. When my husband comes with me I always walk out of there with more things my cart than needed..