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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Make Money, Free Affiliate Program

Want to make money? You can just by giving out InCare Savings Cards and at the same time, you can save on your prescriptions! No Sign Up Fees, No Monthly Fees & No Yearly Fees, Commissions are paid from transactions in Month 1, in Month 2 and there's No Waiting! Commissions are earned and paid as long as your cards are generating transactions, and you Earn $1 per prescription filled. If your patient/client gets 5 prescriptions, that is $5, and if they continue using the card you continue to get commissions. You override two levels down 15 cents for each level. This is huge, you can recruit your reps on line and click become an agent– Enter them, then enter your name and/or Group Code as the referring agent. You can do this for them, or they can do it themselves.  Or you can go to Become An Agent at InCareRx.

You can both make money and get your own discount card, but either way perhaps you just want to save on your prescriptions. You can download and print your FREE InCareSavings card and start using right away. You can save up to 75% at most participating pharmacies, and there are over 60,000 participating pharmacies! This card really works! The card works whether you have insurance or not. Perhaps you have no insurance or insurance doesn't cover some of your prescriptions. Maybe your prescriptions are less expensive than your insurance co-payment. At the end of the year maybe you are on medicare and you find yourself in the donut hole. Then this FREE InCareRx Savings Card will come in handy and save you money! There's nothing to lose with this FREE Card and savings to gain!

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