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Thursday, July 12, 2007

There are some amazing people out there. Read this inspirational story...

I was just flipping through the tv channels yesterday, when I stumbled across an interview with a man name Trevor Ferrell that caught my undivided attention. The story is about a humble man, who 20 years ago this month, began his quest in making a difference in helping those less fortunate. And although he could have chosen a different path, one that would probably have been more prosperious for him...financially that is; he chose a different and more complicated path, which has not been easy, today, 20 years later, Trevor is still making a difference.

I find this story particulary inspiring. Yes there are people out there who do "really" care and want to make a difference, and Trevor Ferrell is one of those special people. He doesn't care about making more money for himself, nor does he care about fame and fortune. All he cares about is helping those in need, and taking care of his own family.

Sometimes, it takes inspirational stories such as Trevor's to remind us there are still genuine people out there who care, people who we aspire to be like, people who give us hope and inspiration. So whether you are enduring difficult times or just feeling lost, I strongly encourage you to read his story. Trevor now runs his own shop "Trevors' Thrift Shop & Distribution Center" in Philadelphia, PA.

To read Trevor's story just click on the title story about to follow link or visit:

For more information or to make a donation, you can visit his website at:

1 comment:

Rose said...

Well I live right near Philly and I'll have to check the place out.

There are truly some inspirational people out there!