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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting Through Tough Times in Life

Everyone at some point in their lives face some sort of tough time, whether financial, emotional, physical and otherwise. For some, like myself for instance, life seems to be a continious struggle, but I am still here. So how do we get through these tough times and rise above our situation? I found a great resourceful website that offers some great steps on how to do just that, "Get Through Tough Times in Life".
  1. Tighten the fiscal belt. If you are experiencing hard financial times, there are several ways to make it, and none of them are easy. Tighten the belt and the purse strings and making a lists of "need-its" and "don't need-its". If you need it to sustain life and maintain a decent living standard, then you must put forth the capital. If it is something you feel you can't live without but know that you can, then don't spend on that certain thing until your situation improves. If there is absolutely no way you can dig your way out or "keep up with falling behind", then you may have to consider consumer credit help or possibly (last resort) bankruptcy. Don't take bankruptcy lightly or treat it as an easy option; it can follow you through most of your adult life, keeping you from purchasing even the necessities in the future if you don't learn to control your spending or manage your lifestyle to equal your income. My site "Resourceful Living" provides some great resourceful links to many kinds of different help, such as: Charities, Depression, Support, Frugile Living, Community Resources, Government Grants, and much more.
  2. Keep your expectations low and you will rarely be disappointed. This may not seem right to you until you spend some time thinking about how it applies to your own personal life. Use your faith or beliefs; maybe you consider that God, the universe or nature provide us with the tools for any situation; whatever the source, it is up to us to use those tools to keep body and soul together.
  3. Be prepared to let time assist emotional pain. As for emotional rough times, there is an old saying that "time heals all wounds", and that everything looks better from a distance. Let yourself grieve, cry, wail or whatever it may be that makes you feel like you can continue on another day, and if your emotional distress is something that makes you feel doom or thoughts of death or profound sadness, by all means, seek professional help (including your primary care physician)! Mental Health Matter's whether it's temporary depression your facing or a long-term battle with depression or other mental illness, Mental Health does matter, so please get support, assistance and help that's out there.
  4. Go with the flow for everyday life. As for the other slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, go with the flow and roll with it; this is a test, only a test. We will all make it to the finish line and none of us will be allowed to take anything with us when we go.

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