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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Middleclass is about to become extinct

Once upon a time there were many classes of people in our society according to finances. They were upperclass, middleclass and lowerclass. And in addition, there was the additional level to the three mainstream classes of living such as: upper and lower of upper class, upper and lower middle class, and even upper and lower - lower class. However, gone are those days, and unfortunately even the the levels of classes of the mainstreem classes of living have even dwindled away. We have been reduced to what seems that of either an upper class or lower class. We do still seem to have some of the levels of the upper and lower class levels of living though. We seem to have the rich and the poor, and whatever end you may fall on of those two levels...the upper or lower end.

Along with the fading of the class levels of living is human interaction and respect that took years to build and achieve. It's as though we are resorting back to those years of when the tragic Titantic sank, and although there were many reasons for the high death toll that certainly could have been prevented, but nevertheless, when many of those that died that horrible cold frigid night in April just because they weren't considered first class people. I would seriously hate to even remotely think we would let our world desend back into that disrespectful, shameful and evil behavior.

There was a time when my family was considered to be middle to lower middle class, but now, in retrospect, I would have to say we are definately lower class now. The one thing that gripes me the most is HOLLYWOOD. Much as I love movies, tv and my favorite actors and such. They are way over-rated, and highly over's absolutely crazy! Yes, it's great they give to their favorite charites, causes and such, but seriously, they make way to much money and need to come down and live a more normal life and then maybe they would be treated more normal too. There is just no reason for them to have two and three homes all over the world, and two and three cars, when some people don't even own a home or car or can even eat a meal.

What, if anything can we do to bring back the middle class and the levels of the middle class. I certainly don't have the answers, but I think we could all start by using our heads a little bit more wisely and by doing things such as going green, conserving energy, helping others more freely with not only our time, but with our money. I think if we all could just be a little more patient, kind, helpful, and understanding it could be a better world. Because the rich keep getting richer and the poor just keep getting poorer, so come on everyone let's get out of me, me, me stage, and think about others!

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