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Monday, May 5, 2008

The World is Thirsting for more Humanity

Loneliness (Humanity), depression (Mental Illness), and financial problems (Poverty) are three top issues people struggle with daily, and sadly, often are part of the leading cause in suicide today. What angers, frustrates and hurts me, is that the above issues are greatly lacking in many areas that to me are basic needs and can be more easily fulfilled than they are. And what do these basic needs include, well in my opinion, they include, but are not limited to: caring, concern, compassion, giving, sharing, sensitivity, support, trust and respect.
Seems to me, humanity has gone away, and people are more concerned with how big of a house they can have, and furnish it with the best (museum like) furniture, and drive the nicest of cars, while some of us would be happy just to have our own home or even a car, just to be able to get to a job. For shame! People worry more about their status in their society or communities, rather than their fellow, neighbor, community member or citizens that may be in pain or struggling for whatever reasons.

Most often times, people are quick to judge, quick to apologize and offer their condolences for our dire circumstances, and quick to say they will pray for us, but never are they quick in taking any action in helping. I want to know, where are the humane, compassionate, giving people of ACTION out there in the real world? I've seen them on television, on Oprah, Dr. Phil, and other various shows, but rarely have I seen them with my own eyes, when there's no television cameras rolling, no real recognition, or nothing to gain except to feel good about themselves and what they've done, and to know it's pleasing to God. And most times, when I have seen it, you would have thought it was the most painful thing for them to do, was to have to help someone less fortunate out....what a chore. Again, for shame!

Maybe if some of those more fortunate took a little more consideration, time, effort and money and helped or shared their success with those less fortunate then things would be a little better. I mean come on, do you really need that fancy house? Do you really need that expensive car and do you need three or four of them? Do you really need all those vacations? Do you really need those $100 suits, shoes, and hand bags? Do you really need that $70 bottle of perfume? For shame! I mean there's nothing wrong with a nice home, car or etc within reason. And splurging every now and then is fine, but in all honestly, most often times it has more to do with status, vanity, and self-satisfaction than anything else. And those who may not be so fortunate, but aren't exactly unfortunate either, you can do good as well, just maybe in smaller ways, on a smaller and different scale.

People just need to keep themselves more in check, and keep it real, they need to remember morals, values, compassion, love, and common decency because the world is sorely lacking those things, and is desperately thirsting for them. Even with all the new advances, techniques and technology in the world today, with each passing year, the world is becoming a harder place to exist and co-exist in. The world is thirsting for humanity.


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