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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Basic Couponing for Those Who Need Things Simple

One small thing I do in my life to help with my budget and I find quite fun, is couponing. So today, I am going to show you the tools I use to coupon. And trust me, these tools are very easy to follow. I find the most basic and simplest way to coupon, and what is easiest and works best for me.  Maybe it's not that couponing is not for you, but rather you just need something easy and basic like me. 
I use simple tools, such as:

  • Scissors
  • Tote Bag ( a cutsie pink one - $1.00 at Dollar Tree)
  • Folder (also a cutsie pink one w/polka dots)
  • Small Wallet Size Organizer book (pink)
All purchased at Walmart for under $10.  My system is to simply only collect what coupons I think I will use and place them in the large folder. I then go through my folder about once a week and collect/cut out any coupons I'm fairly certain I will use at the grocery store in any of the upcoming months visits. Once I've cut my coupons out. I file them in my small organizer which I have labeled by departments, (IE... bread, dairy, drinks, frozen foods, grocery, health/beauty, household, snacks, etc.) I leave a spot open in the front of my organizer to place my coupons I will be using that day of my grocery visit.  What is in that front folder slot is what I pulled that I am using that day by category, then in order by isle at the grocery store I'm going to that day.  

I also leave a space at the very back, so as I obtain the items off my coupon list, I then check the item off my grocery list and move that coupon to the back of my organizer. Incidentally, my grocery list items that have a coupon, I simply place a little c and circle it...then write it beside my item.  Once I am at the checkout, I have all my coupons in the very back, ready to pull and hand to the cashier.

I go through my organizer about once a month, around the first of every month to clean out any outdated coupons that I ended up not using. I then take those coupons and donate them to Military Families Overseas Overseas Coupon Program or you can simply mail them to Crafters With Love c/o Bev Wallace, 645 East 16th Avenue, Lancaster, OH 43130 and they will do it for you. For more information about Crafters With Love, please visit their website

And last, but not least my cutsie pink tote bag.  I simply use it to keep all my supplies (coupons, coupon organizer, my pre-coupon folder & scissors) in. I hope this makes couponing as easy for you as it has for me.  Happy Couponing!

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