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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sometimes, Bad Things Happen To Good People

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. I've been there myself, and sadly, on more than one occasion. I lost my father whom I was very close to at the tender age of 16. Then, I lost my beloved mother on December 13, 2001. She suffered from emphysema and in addition had three heart attacks, diabetes, and severe allergies, so she suffered for several years before she passed away...I miss her so badly...still to this day, I have days that are tough because I miss her so much, but I try to hang on to the precious memories I have, and know that she isn't suffering anymore, and that I will see her again some day. As for me, I've dealt with depression, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and migraines from the time I was a little girl. And I am Bipolar II. Because of those issues, along with "life"...pregnant at 17...the father I caught cheating not long before giving birth. And I've had to deal with financial struggles most of my adult life, and due to my bipolar have lost several jobs, attempted suicide three or so times (sadly I lost count), lost a live in relationship and a marriage, eventually gave up college, was evicted from my home in which I lost most all my belongings, including precious life long belongings, and lost not one, not two, but three cars, lost a home I once actually owned & there's more, but I'll stop there.

So just hang in there, take things one day at a time. Deal with each issue and problem one at a time. Prioritize the most important issues first...then work off that list. Just don't let yourself get to down or overwhelmed because that's when things can really snow ball and get worse. Get some counseling to help you through the most difficult times...there are pro-bono and sliding fee counselors out there....and the free clinics are a really great source, not just for medical, but DENTAL and counseling. Most counties offer sliding fee scale medical and dental programs too, if you don't qualify for the free clinics. Also, same with your debts...prioritize...organize and work on paying them down one at a time...file bankruptcy if you have to....I did.

For extra money...sign up with marketing companies and do demos, pr, product sampling, etc...they have jobs where you can work one day or three days in a row and pay anywhere from $12 to $24 an hour....try Advantage Sales & Marketing, NARMS or ICCDS. Apply for food stamps, apply for a free SafeLink Cell Phone, apply for heating/air assistance, be a frugally smart shopper... use coupons, rideshare...what ever you can to cut down expenses and save. Find a Goodwill & shop there inexpensively...they even have a store online. Also, join Freecycle in your area...they have a group that offers anything and everything free...first come, first serve. People post things they have available to give away...and you do the same.

I have a website that has TONS of resource links, to include: finding free clinics, dental programs, counseling, jobs, utility assistance, rental assistance, etc., etc. Resourcefully For You ... Be sure to check it can find links to all the ideas I posted above and more. Just take advantage of any and all the assistance out there. I didn't mean to write this much, but I'd rather take my time and be as thorough and helpful as I can to one person, than giving 10 people a quick line of jibber jabber. Good luck to you, and day, one issue at a time. And I don't know if your religious or not, but it really does help to pray and trust in God.

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