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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pets Can Be Good For Mild To Moderate Depression

Look at this face.  How can it not make you feel better?  Pets love you unconditionally. They provide you constant companionship and that in turn combats lonliness often felt with depression. Having your pet cuddle up next to you is physically comforting and having them look up at you lovingly with those big eyes makes you feel happy. You can leave if even for just a half hour and when you come back, it's as if you've been gone for days. They jump excitingly all over you, bark and lick you making you feel important and wanted.

Having a pet can take the focus off the your problems, as your having to focus on taking care of your pet, feeding, watering, playing and walking your dog. And speaking of walking your dog, it get's you out of your house and moving phyically. Having a pet forces you to take care of another life.

So all in all, dogs can provide:

  1. Unconditional love and affection
  2. Redirect your focus, thoughts and mind
  3. Increases physical activity
  4. Reduces feelings of worthlessness and reduces isolation

    Dogs aren't for everyone though, so don't rush right out and buy one. Some people have never owned a dog, they didn't grow up with one and don't know what it's like to have companionship and care for a dog. Only get one if you are a dog lover. And if you are a dog lover, then you will love how they make you feel.  Do you love dogs? Does your dog help you through times of blue moods?


sweetnovember67 said...

This is so true Kim. Bella is my best friend and companion. She seems to sense when I don't feel well and gives me extra attention in those times.

I think dog spelled backwards is God for a reason!

~Kimberly Andrews said...

I believe you are right about that dog spelled backwards is God for a reason. I adore my Matte, she's the same way. Always attentive and if I'm sick or upset she's extra attentive. Dogs are the best!