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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Positive Attitude Is Important

A positive attitude is very important, especially if you are one who tends to be a negative person or depressed.  Like myself for instance.  I am Bipolar II so I have depressive episodes in which I tend to be negative.  In those times, I take things minute by minute.  I really have to think about every thought. I have to catch myself thinking negatively and turn it into a positive thought.  That's one great way of thinking positively, but also surround yourself with positive people, read positive material and watch positive videos. And exercise also is a great negative attitude buster.  This is one area I myself am lacking in.  I hope to change that real soon. 

I have found with Stumbleupon a list of positive websites that will be great in helping you to stay positive.  You will find them listed at this Stumbleupon link.  Remember to think about every thought and if it's negative, turn it into a positive thought.

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