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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Relevant 10 - Why & Benefits

With my preceding post of "Come to Pass" brings up the matter that I want and need so badly.  And just what is that you ask?  To attend the Relevant 10 Conference October 21 - 24th.  Country Bob's is giving away a free ticket to this conference and I am hoping and praying that I win because at this point, it looks as though this may be the only way I'll be able to attend.  I've been praying about it, and this contest came up, so to me, it is a sign. 

I haven't tried Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce yet, but I can guarantee you I will.  What Country Bob's doesnt know is that I am actually a Brand Ambassador/Demonstrator, and not online, but rather a live in-store Brand Ambassador.  And if I win, I would certainly be more than happy to represent their brand in store, online whereever they would like. I am genuinely looking forward to trying a sample of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.  Oh by the way you can also find Country Bob's on Facebook and Twitter - @CountryBobs.

As I wrote in my post below, "Come to Pass" I have come through some very tough times in my life, but thankfully with the help from friends, family, my community and by way of the lord, I have come to pass.  Relevant 10 brings the opportunity to not only learn a great amount of knowledge in the world of blogging, but also gives me the wonderful opportunity to be in the word with the lord and to socialize with wonderful fellow bloggers and Christians.  I would love the opportunity to discuss and learn new ideas as well. Relevant 10 would not only be a wonderful learning experience and provide awesome socialization, but would also in a way be a great therapy for me. 

As in my come to pass post, I've lost a lot and been through a lot to get where I am today.  It's taken a lot of hardship to get where I am, as well as therapy and help from friends, family and community.  And although I still have a ways to go, I am certainly in a much better place and enjoying the journey now.  And I would genuinely love it if Relevant 10 could be part of that journey to my fulfilling my dreams. 

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